We want to know your opinion about this website and invite you to take a look in your city and find other interesting cases related to its urban culture; send us your images, so we can place them on The Phenomenon Mapping web site !

Please read, you must be aware of and agree on the following terms and conditions before you send any information:

1- There will be some cases where the information can be modify or doesn't appear because of the keystone of this website.

2- We aim to set up new information on the web page in a short time, but this would depend on the amount of data to be processed by us at the time.

3- Copyright: the authorship of your information would be shared by you and the author of this website; but you are requested to agree on the case your information would be presented on public, exhibited, published, etc.

If you are interested, contact us, or send us your information to the following e-mail address
>>>>>>>> fukuma@h6.dion.ne.jp



1. Phenomenon data:
1.1-Nickname: nickname given to the phenomenon and/or information, which can help to explain it.
(if you have any)

1.2-Site+: address of the place where the image and/or information belongs.

1.3-History+: the date when the image and/or information was registered.
(if you don't remember exactly, at least tell us a month and year)

Type-1 (Geography, Material, Space, Behavior or System)
Type-2 (Political, Commercial, Public/Service, Private/Housing, Natural)
please select by your choice.

1.5-Local Topic: please let us know the proposed topic for the phenomenon proposed by you.


A) Photographs+: format: JPG, resolution: 1600X1200 ~ 800X600 pixels.
B) Other: any other kind of image that could be useful to explain the phenomenon.
( processing photo, diagrams, 3D drawings, plans, maps, etc.)

1.8-A brief commentary+: to explain the situation, the context, your point of view, etc.

2. Personal data:
2.1-Name+ / 2.2-Occupation+ / 2.3-Country+ /
2.4-E-mail address+
(if I have a question, I will ask you.)

NECESSARY TOPIC > maybe is better tu put something like compulsory information but we are not sure